Diagnostics Testing Services

About F-wave Diagnostics, LLC

F-wave Diagnostics is a leading provider of in-office neurodiagnostic testing services throughout New York.  We specialize in working with physicians across multiple disciplines in the healthcare industry such as Neurologist, Physiatrist, Orthopedic, Internal and general family medicine, Podiatry and Rheumatology as well as other diagnostic companies that provide ultrasound testing serving thousands of patients.

F-wave Diagnostics was established in response to a great demand for highly sophisticated medical diagnostic testing provided on an outpatient basis with over 17 years of clinical experience. F-wave Diagnostics offers precise neurological and diagnostic services to physician offices, clinics, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.  We can also arrange to have a board certified neurologist enter the facility with us for patient examination and interpretation of all test data.

In-office nerve conduction velocity studies and ultrasonic imaging are quickly becoming standards of care in today’s private practices. Having this type of testing capability in-office will help physicians improve diagnostic accuracy, offer patients a higher level of care and enhance your service by creating the equivalent of a diagnostic testing center within your practice.

Functioning as a mobile laboratory, F-wave Diagnostics is able to offer its services to your office/facility on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs.  This will allow you to better manage patient care. In addition, the performance of diagnostic services at your facility saves your patients from traveling long distances to an unfamiliar setting. These services can be accomplished in a more timely fashion with 24 hour report turn around in most cases.  Whatever your specific needs may be F-wave Diagnostics will work with you to find the proper solution.